What is stainless steel back

What is stainless steel back?

With the clock on the bottom shell plating, the clock will usually record is: Stainless Steel Back mean just the bottom made of stainless steel, shell (case) is on the bottom shell plating or copper Lake Base Metal record.

Knowledge Basics Watches

Here are some basic knowledge, many doctors certainly did know, however, so the system will help you better understand and more beloved clock Smarter

– Machine clock


I. Digital clock (quartz)

– Concept: As the clock running machines with magnetic impulses through energy from the battery.

+ Sort:

– The place of production:

+ Machines Switzerland (Swiss EB, Swiss Quartz movement): A type of precision machine accurate and durable, usually fitted in the high-end watches.

+ Air Japan (Japan Movement, Japan Quartz).

+ Machine Taiwan and China factory: accuracy is not high, low reliability. Commonly used for installation for cheap watches.

II. Mechanical watches

Concept: As the clock runs on machines from winding energy. Machines watches usually have more foot diameter as 17, 21, 25.

+ Classification: There are 2 types

– Type the wearer to clock hands clock knob to tune bamboomat (denoted Handwinding).

– Automatic winding type (Symbol is Automatic)

Two types of machines are typically mechanical watches on Swiss (luxury watches) or Japanese.

* Attention:

– For machines to clock hands when winding the winding, users only affordable knob (just feel tense hand), not fitting too stretched all the way down to avoid broken or tangled filaments bamboomat of apparatus, causing damage.

– For automatic meter winding, users must often wear clock.

– Glasses for watches

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1. Dear often (Mineral glass): No scratch-resistant

2. Dear Hard (Hardness glass): Anti-scratch lightly

3. Coated Glass Sapphire (S. Sapphire): Anti-scratch average

4. Glass Sapphire (Sapphire glass, Sapphire crystal): high scratch resistance

– Cases

III. The shell plating (Base Metal)

– Concept: A type of shell usually made from steel, or copper, or Antimol to plating.

– Feature: After a period of 1-3 years, it will be oxidized coating (being rust), peeling affect the beauty of the watch.

– Classification: There are white and gilt plating (PPGI)

– How to Tell:

With the clock on the bottom shell plating, the clock will usually recorded as: Stainless Steel Back mean just the bottom made of stainless stee, shell (case) is on the bottom shell plating or recorded Base Metal clock.

IV. Stainless steel case and stainless steel

– It is made of stainless steel shells or stainless steel.

– Features: Durable, no oxidation phenomena, rusty. This type of cover if there
color coating, the coating generally very reliable, hard to fade (must be at least 3 years
or older may fade).

– How to Tell:

With the clock with stainless steel cover matt steel quality, sharp lines, steel surfaces smooth, with matte ridges of working tools on steel (milling or virtue). On the bottom of the clock usually recorded in Stainless Steel Case & Band ( wire and stainless steel shell) or All Stainless (the entire clock is made of stainless steel).

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